Authentic Venetian Lime Plaster

Providing Authentic Venetian Plaster products direct from the Manufacturer to the Artisan

Offering you a full range of decorative interior and exterior Venetian Plaster Finishes

Rex J. Pratt
Rex J. Pratt – Master Artisan

Artisan Plaster Inc. is a manufacturer of Decorative Plaster products. The company was founded by Master Artisan Rex J. Pratt. Rex has been applying and creating specialty finishes and products for nearly 40 years.

Artisan Plaster products are now found in some of the most expensive homes in the World. It is specified by some of the World’s best Interior Designers and Architects.

Venetian Plaster Portfolio

Artisan Plaster Inc


EasyStone - Interior Projects - Artisan Plaster Inc


Limewash - Artisan Plaster Inc


Marmorino Series - Artisan Plaster Inc


Veneziano Series - Artisan Plaster Inc


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